From an investor’s perspective, becoming an early discoverer of stocks with exponential growth potential represents a formidable challenge.  For one thing, new paradigms for the discovery process had to be developed.  The old paradigms of extrapolating past performance to determine future values no longer work, particularly with companies whose products and services are disruptive or game-changers.

Furthermore, how can any of us discover those stocks when they are just emerging?  This is particularly challenging when one realizes that most of these new products and services will have been spawned by the ongoing revolution in information technology, an intellectual discipline with multiple and ever-changing derivatives that are arcane for most individual investors.

Although the challenge is formidable, the potential financial gains – as illustrated by the performance of stocks like, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Google – are compelling.


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Once a UVM Pick Report has been issued I regularly follow various financial and technology sources to determine that Picks continue to have the potential to generate exponential growth.  These UVM Pick News Updates are emailed to Members as they are discovered.

The News Updates serve another, critically important function.  They help us to decide when to sell . . . or perhaps even more important, when not to sell.  To illustrate that last point, occasionally the market value of a UVM Pick doubles or more.  Without the News Updates it would be very tempting to sell those stocks after a doubling, and certainly after a tripling.  Those premature sales would have sacrificed additional gains.

Very often the News Updates contain target stock market prices suggested by analysts.



Additional thoughts for managing your investment portfolio.

Most of the nation’s largest institutional investors use a relatively new investment strategy that enables them to maximize gains while minimizing risk.  That strategy is known as Alpha/Beta Separation.

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Finally, Monitoring Portfolio Performance should be a compulsory activity for every investor.  Selecting this link will provide a step-by-step process for effectively and unemotionally determining whether your portfolio investment performance is above or below average.