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    • 1995 was the year that a co-worker walked into my cubicle and said, "Hey, you have to see this new web browser and Internet thing." I promptly installed Mosaic, later renamed Netscape, and began surfing the web with all of those interesting hyperlinks bringing me to new articles. Marc Andreessen was the mastermind behind Mosaic and Netscape, so I give him a lot of credibility to spot new trends in our tech-dominated world.

      Looking beyond the common Smart Phone that we enjoy today, Andreessen sees a world of ambient or ubiquitous computing where, "You walk up to a wall, sit at a table and talk to an earpiece or eyeglasses to make a call." That reminds me quite a bit of the weekly cartoon series, The Jetson's, where in 1962 they portrayed a future of ubiquitous computing and automation.


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