Investing in Exponential Growth

Before reading further, you might want to review a recent performance chart for every stock my revised screening metrics have selected since mid-2018.

The efficacy of my revised screening metrics can be illustrated by these stocks, very few of which will be familiar to most investors.  Nevertheless, their market performance is real – as is their business performance.

For the past several years my focus has been to identify stocks that offered the potential for exponential growth.  Over time, modifications were made to the Price/Volume metrics that launched my discovery efforts.

Those Price/Volume metrics were very accurate in identifying stocks that were being aggressively purchased by investors, most of whom were institutional investors.  However often those investors were focused on future exponential growth, and that future focus obviously introduced an element of risk and uncertainty.

I needed a metric that reduced or eliminated the time risk element and enhanced the probability of discovering bona fide exponential growth stocks.

In mid-2018 an epiphany occurred.  Investors don’t have to anticipate future growth.

Beginning in July 2018, a new revenue metric was included in all my searches for companies that offered the potential for exponential growth. Every company in the above performance chart have successfully met the new parameters.

Once a company meets these new parameters, that discovery is emailed to all subscribers.  In addition, any new reports or significant news items are similarly emailed to all subscribers.

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