UVMetrics: A proven record of identifying outstanding stock performers. “The American economy is poised to embark on an innovation boom of historic proportions that will undermine incumbent players, transform everyday life, and make some alert investors very rich.” The Wall Street Journal “Throughout modern history, even limited amounts of data have provided us with key insights for unexpected solutions to some of our greatest challenges. As data becomes more abundant and the cost of data storage plummets, new technologies are equipping data scientists with cutting-edge tools that unlock valuable insights from vast amounts of data. We are heading toward a world of almost boundless information and nearly limitless possibilities.” BSA – The Software Alliance The tsunami of data generated in the world today is being converted to digital information. Discerning companies – large and small – are learning how to gather, store, and analyze that digital information to gain a competitive advantage. “Amazing new applications are almost never predictable. They come from human creativity. That is one reason they almost never come from incumbent companies” The Wall Street Journal, ibid So, if the new companies creating game-changing products and services are “almost never predictable, and almost never come from incumbent companies”, how can individual investors discover them to become “very rich”? The answer can be by subscribing to UVMetrics.com. Using proprietary screens, UVMetrics identifies stocks with the potential for extraordinary growth. Once a stock successfully passes through those screens, a PICK research report is emailed to all Members. The identification of that PICK is just the beginning of the value proposition for Members. Any research updates, including revised stock market price targets issued by Wall Street analysts, are also shared – via emails – with Members. All of that might sound tempting, but the proof of the pudding is simple . . . do the screening metrics work? Using those screening metrics, we began creating a mock portfolio in mid-July 2018. Click here to see our performance, or click the Performance tab above.. The EGP performance is presented primarily as a means for an investor to decide whether our stock selections have been successful. The lower right-hand corner shows the EGP return since inception as well as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq performances. While past performance does not guarantee future results, our past performance does suggest that you may want to become a Member, enabling you to participate in this “innovation boom of historic proportions that will undermine incumbent players, transform everyday life, and make some alert investors very rich.” Or, you might want to test our service for a month, with no obligation on your part and zero information from you, other than an email from you to the following address, requesting the free trial: paulchristi@gmail.com If at the end of 30 days, if you wish to subscribe you will be asked to provide billing information. Membership – with all its value propositions – is a very reasonable monthly fee of $19.95. You may cancel your membership at any time. Select here to subscribe.